#1 - The game of Multi-Wheel Roulette Online features what option to play?

Bonus Question 1 - What is the Chameleon Strategy in Roulette?

#2 - What Roulette Online variation of Spingo, is a mix of what 3 games?

#10 - On the Roulette wheel, what does the term Street mean ?

#9 - For Roulette games, what does the term Dolly mean?

#7 - Which is the correct payout for roulette players with a Corner bet? Alternate terms are Square Bet or Quarter Bet

#4 - Which payout for these Roulette bets is correct?

#5 - Which is the correct payout for these Roulette game bets?

#3 - For European Roulette, where is the Single Zero positioned where on the roulette wheel?

Bonus Question 2 - What are Square Bets in Roulette?

#6 - Which is the correct payout for a Split Roulette bet? Wagering on two numbers at once. An inside bet.

#8 - What is the house edge on single-number roulette bets?

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